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2.7 The Little Horn, the mouth of the beast, is given power to kill God's People for 3 and 1/2 Years

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Red - The terrible beast, Babylon with 10 horns and 7 heads.
Brown - The Little Horn, the mouth of the Beast, a king of fierce countenance.
Orange - The Beast can persecute and kill God's people for 3 and 1/2 years or 42 months.
Blue/Green - All who are wicked will worship the beast. They commit fornication and are drunk with the wine of the beasts fornication.
Blue - Description of what the Beast does to the righteous. It persecutes and kills the God's people, stanping them into the ground, devouring and breaking them into pieces.
Dark Green - The Second Beast that forces all to worship the first beast or be killed.
Dark Blue - Activities of the Second Beast, causing all who will not worship the image to be killed.
Pink - Identifying God's People who keep the commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus.

Those who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ are those who Satan cannot control. And remember, if Satan cannot control everyone, he will lose his goal to rule the world and loose the war against God. It is no wonder that Satan is angry with God's people.

All that he has tried to do to get them to follow him has failed. God's people will not follow Satan's lead at all. Rather, they have chosen to follow and do all what the Lord wants them to do. At this point Satan is so enraged with God's people that he wars against them to put them to death. Since he cannot control them, he will exterminate them.

Satan will try to take over the world and endeavor to force all the inhabitants of the world to follow him, and he will do his best to kill anyone that goes against his plans. However, as indicated in Scripture: Satan will come to his end. He will be destroyed.

A more in-depth look as to what Satan is really doing click on: How is he trying to win his war against God?

God's people will experience the worst trouble in the history of the earth at the end of time. In spite of the trouble, we are not to worry even if we are faced with death because God will judge the wicked and the righteous will possess the kingdom. Death will be more desirable than to go against what God wants us to do, because Jesus will raise us up from the dead and the sting of death will be no more.

Some think that the righteous will be raptured away in a secret rapture. However if you read Scripture, such as Luke 17:34-37 and the text in this section, it is easy to see that God's people will face even death in the days to come.

Nowhere is there any hint in the Bible that the righteous are saved from their time of trouble. Instead, we see story after story in the Bible, that the righteous are saved while they were being persecuted. They were saved while they were in persecution: Daniel in the lion's den; Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the fiery furnace; The Exodus from Egypt.

All through Daniel and Revelation we see the evidence that God's people are suffering and experiencing the trouble of the end of time. But this will only be temporary. In the end, Jesus will set every thing right.

The Woman Clothed With The Sun Revelation 12:1-17

Point 1

Chapter 12 concerns itself with the woman and how the Dragon persecutes her as well as her offspring; However, John does not seem to cover the conflict in an orderly sequence. Instead, John seems to go over the scenario twice.

In the first six verses, John takes time to describe the woman, the red dragon, and also the circumstances concerning the birth of the male child. Then he mentions that the woman flees into the wilderness for 1260 days.

John then starts over and discusses how Satan comes down to earth and why he is angry at the woman. John then goes into quite some detail of the battles during the 42 months (also 1260 days, the same period of time).

This second time, John says that the woman was able to fly into the wilderness where she is protected from the serpent for 42 months.

Point 2

It is easy to see that Satan doesn't wait until some group tells him he is worthy. He is definitely not worthy for anything except death. In chapter 12 we see that Satan runs on fear, anger, and hate. He only seeks death and destruction for others.

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