why I became a scientist who is a creationist

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why I became a scientist who is a creationist

Why would Creation Science and Prophecy be linked together?

Hi, I'm Mike Brown. In a special and unique way, God showed Himself to me! While I was in an airplane, God gave me the kind of evidence that a scientist might notice. You can read about my experience in Why did I ever become a creationist?

Because of the experiences described in the link above, I have reason to suspect or even assume that God exists and that He cares for me and you. This evidence is not foolproof but it does suggest, to me, that even though this alternate possibility is ignored by the scientific community at large, it could very well be correct.

I have decided that if this alternative possibility is true, then I should be able to test it. That is exactly what I started doing in the summer of 1997. I wanted to do scientific experiments testing various origin issues in the field of molecular genetics.

Previous to my experience in the plane, I was always attracted to the Biblical Creation story but upon further investigation, I could never make up my mind. I was not fully convinced by the available arguments of the Creation community, partly I think, because much of so called creation science is very poorly done.

Yet I could not fully side with evolutionary thought either. Mainstream science completely ignores the issue of God. They start with the assumption that only natural processes have formed and shaped our Earth and the Universe. I do not believe that ignoring an issue will solve that issue.

There are just too many holes in our knowledge for me to finalized my decision on origins. Answers to questions that some Creationists and I myself ask, are just not understood and these questions should not be ignored. Not if we all want to eventually arrive at truth.

Now that I have experienced God, I started looking at our Origins with a different approach. I know that God exists and I believe that it is the Bible that describes the reality of our origins, written from the pen of prophets who's connection with God should have allowed them to know what took place at the beginning.

I must admit that it is a big jump to take from acknowledging that God exists, to saying that God created everything and that the Bible is basically correct. However, this is one of the main reasons why I am seeking to scientifically test my concepts of origins. I guess it's a deep curiosity within me that wants to seek a better understanding how I came to be here on Earth.

I must also admit that I think I know what the outcome will be; that is, if I am smart enough to actually get to the heart of the various issues. I expect the Bible to eventually be exonerated. However, In spite of this view, I do not think I am any different than an evolutionist, who works within the evolutionary paradigm. They expect their answer to work out within the evolutionary paradigm because they believe evolution to be true.

They of course believe that the preponderance of data support the theory of evolution

So, I have become excited with the prospect to conduct rigorous scientific investigations, to look for evidence that the Earth could be quite young. As a Molecular Geneticist, I have been looking for alternate Pseudogene origins. (A simple definition of a Pseudogene is a gene that is defective in some way. The Pseudogene does not function.)

Are Pseudogenes the result of unsuccessful biological experiments in the Evolutionary process or are Pseudogenes the product of degradation from God's original creation design? As results come, they will be posted in the Molecular History Research Center web site.

Many scientists I have met, compartmentalize their thinking on Science and Religion. Science and Religion cannot easily be brought into agreement, so many have kept them separate in their thinking. Presently, Science and Religion (Christianity) are at odds with each other. The teachings of one denies the other's main premise.

What are the two opposing ideologies?

  • Mainstream science basically teaches that life began as a marvelous accident allowing molecules to come together in an organized form that we might call a living cell. Since then, the Evolutionary process has allowed living organisms to evolve into more fitter forms and that life is thought to have progressed over hundreds of millions of years, evolving into higher forms. Life is only governed by naturally occurring processes. No god has overseen the process and there is no future to any of us once we die.
  • Christianity, teaches that a war, involving the whole Universe has entangled our world. In this war, Adam and Eve fell to the wrong side, (the evil side) against the Creator of the Universe. Thus we find ourselves living in a world of sin where everything dies. The Bible teaches that God created our world approximately 6000 years ago and that a global flood destroyed all land based living organisms except those who were placed in a boat called the Ark. This flood occurred because almost all it's human inhabitants took the side of Satan, the evil side of the conflict, and have become hateful and selfish. Of course, because of God's love, He has provided a way for any of us who want to join Him, to be saved and live forever.

I find that I cannot choose to separate Science and Religion. Just because I cannot easily harmonize these two areas of my thinking is no reason not to try. Instead, I have chosen to search for a way that the two great areas of my understanding can be put together into one big picture.

Why shouldn't I try to incorporate all areas of knowledge together. We may be missing something extremely important by ignoring the big problems in our viewpoints. In fact, the very fact that science and Religion cannot fit very easily together indicate something that is very important to me. It indicates that there is something wrong with our understanding of those two areas of knowledge. Many scientists assume that the error is in Christianity. However, many others because they find both areas to be valuable in their lives, choose to compartmentalize their thinking so they can gain the benefits of both.

I think that the error could very well be found in mainstream science. If you look through my web pages you will see that I have spent some time looking at the assumptions that most scientists almost never question. I have found that a simple changing of these assumptions can easily allow both areas of knowledge to come together.

These assumptions cannot be supported by scientific inquiry, that is why they are assumptions. They are not supported by data. Instead, they are of a philosophical nature.

So, now I am also enjoying the fact that Creation Research is possible and that reasonable answers to problems can be obtained using assumptions based on the Bible.

How does Prophecy Fit into My Understanding?

Ever since I found myself in the center of the conflict between Christ and Satan in the airplane, I have realized that there must be some conclusion to this war. It must end soon.

I have seen in my own experience, that God is much stronger than Satan. That is a good indication that He will win the war. In addition, I see that the Bible is very clear about the outcome of the war. The Bible is also very clear concerning God's love for us and His working to take us with Him. It must be that His wanting to save us has forced this war to extend at least over the last 6000 years.

My searching for the conclusion of this war has led me to Biblical prophecy and God's working to save all of us. After all, I have seen both the physical evidence of His care for me and also, I have felt the evil nature of the enemy, So why would I not be looking for the Victory of Christ?

One day soon Jesus Himself will come down to this world to take us away from the enemy to live with Him forever. Also Satan and his demons will be destroyed once and for all. So prophecy has become my favorite topic of life! In addition, I have found that the message found in the Bible has made me happy as I now see that I have a future that surpasses my best imaginations. It seems to me that the teaching of the Bible was specifically designed for us.

Some may think that the teachings of the Bible is only wishful thinking, but I find it extremely grounded in reality. Remember, I have experienced God personally. In addition, ever since that time, God has kept me in His sights. I know this to be true because I have continued to experience both help and happiness that is observable to me.

And don't forget, I continue to test God in science and I keep getting very interesting answers that make sense. Nothing is conclusive, Science is actually a much weaker process than most realize. However I believe that one day, the bulk of evidence will point toward the scenario as described in the Bible.

Please test God out yourself. Don't tell God how you want Him to talk to you. Instead, why don't you ask for help and then see what happens?

In the next page, Modern Day Miracles, What God has done for me; you will see my own experiences. God is no respecter of persons. I am no one special. The close experiences that I have can be yours as well. It is actually God's deep desire that more and more people will experience the close association with the Holy Spirit!

Michael Brown

Michael E. Brown Ph. D.


From my experiences
described on another
, I know that Jesus
is truly coming back to
save us from this angry
and destructive world.
In addition, I have
found, much to my
delight, that science
within the creationary
paradigm, works!

It is an exciting
thing to explore our
Biosphere from a
different perspective
than everyone else.
Often new possibilities
are realized when
this fresh new
is explored.

And when I see
new explanations
to phenomena
that no one else
sees, because
I am working in
a new paradigm
it is down right

Mike Brown


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why I became a scientist who is a creationist

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why I became a scientist who is a creationist

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